Product Review: Top Soaker Garden Hoses 

Soaker hoses play an integral role in growth in the garden and landscaping maintenance. They perform like an individual, homemade irrigation system feeding nutrients to the land under sound supervision. These relatively inexpensive yet invaluable spouts sprinkle a slow, steady spray of water through the plentiful pores positioned along the hose. The fluid flow penetrates the soil and provides essential nutrients and moisture directly into the ground, replenishing the root system early and often. Soaker garden hoses are designed to distribute water through the specifically spaced tiny holes to nourish plant life above and underground. They provide a seamless, conservative watering technique that stimulates plant growth without water-logging the garden.


Let’s explore some of the top-rated soaker hoses on the market.


  • BUYOOKAY Soaker Hose

BUYOOKAY offers a soaker to keep your garden hydrated.
BUYOOKAY offers soaker hoses to help keep your garden hydrated with little effort.


This extensive soaker hose can conserve up to 70% of water compared to standard garden hoses. Engineered with a calculated collection of miniature holes, the largest model spans 100 feet and scatters water in an equal, sufficient flow.


BUYOOKAY delivers a user-friendly, uber-functional hose for every home and garden. Its irrigation technology optimizes the elements for plants, herbs, fruits, and vegetables to thrive.


Water is saved and supplied to enrich the land above ground or penetrate the soil beneath. This soaker hose seamlessly connects to any existing house spigot or additional hose nozzle, extends and constricts to cover any area, and wraps up tightly for easy storage. 


It is the ideal hose for plant growth and upkeep. Its innovative design takes the daily, manual chores out of the equation. Position as needed, set a timer, and let the watering method run its course. Consistent, conservative hydration will be achieved to sustain landscapes all season long.


Many soaker hose reviews gripe about inconsistent water flow and more water dispersed near the top of the hose than at the other end. BUYOOKAY’s precise pore placement and reinforced rubber assure uniform watering distribution all the way across with no kinks, leaks, or bursts.


The process is simple…and simply effective. Position the hose on top of the soil or just slightly beneath. To cover more ground at a faster rate, align or snake multiple hoses through a specific area to effectively hydrate plants without wasting water elsewhere. Cover the soaker hose with mulch to help preserve the moisture into the soil.




Proficient tool at a reasonable cost.


Sprays water evenly to permeate designated areas while conserving water and supporting plant growth in the ground or atop raised garden beds.


Sleek black hose blends in well with soil and mulch.


Helps irrigate areas that otherwise would require more time and hands-on labor.




Connection to a spigot or additional hoses is not always flush and some holes may leak or spatter after repeated use.


Like many garden hoses, this can be difficult to keep straight and flush on top or below the ground.




30, 50, or 100 ft long

½ inch diameter hose

Dimensions: 4.2 x 12 x 11.7 inches

Weight: 3.16 lbs

Color: Black


  • MELNOR Flat Soaker Garden Hose

Melnor's flat garden hose is great for storage.
Melnor’s flat garden hose is great for compact storage.


This productive soaker hose achieves gardening goals with water-saving technology to help your grass, gardens, and landscapes flourish. Made with environmentally protective materials, this flat, flexible, fully-functional hose compacts for easy storage and has a cap and hose thread that will never rust. Melnor offers a two-year warranty to support its product quality and devoted customer service. 


With a sprinkling rate of about 3 gallons per minute, Melnor offers an eco-friendly tool that maintains healthy yards and blooming gardens while helping the planet prosper. It’s versatile and lightweight for easy transport and seamlessly attaches to a home’s exterior spigot or when connecting multiple garden hoses. This soaker hose is available in three lengths (25, 50, 75 ft).


Lay the flat, porous hose either above ground or under a small layer of mulch or topsoil, which reduces water evaporation. The hose can effectively descend 4 inches underground, but be wary of excessive moisture to the root system. The recommended distance between multiple hoses is 12-18 inches apart to ensure consistent coverage. As plants grow, distance the hose 1-2 inches from the base of the plant but never water directly on top of the plants.


This hose guarantees to get the job done, help sustain the environment, and keep lawns and gardens lush and lavish.




Adapts well to desired water pressure – what you spray is what you get. 


Ideal for all watering needs – under plants above ground, root systems beneath the Earth, or vegetables, herbs, and flowers in raised garden beds.


Compact and easy to store – tightly wraps to .05 cubic ft. 


Flexible, flat material allows the hose to maneuver and seep water in hard-to-reach areas.


2-Year Warranty




Reported leaks at the hose head between the green clamp and black screw cap.


After repeated use, there is a tendency to leak water at the lead end of the hose offsetting the water volume at the opposite end.


Unless operating in a straight line, prone to kinking and clogging water flow over time.




Available in 25, 50, or 75 ft long

Flat design

50 ft (available in 2-Pack)

Weight: 2.73 lbs

Dimensions: 6.69 x 11.61 x 2.51 inches

1” hose diameter 

Fitting Size ⅝” (standard for garden hoses)

Color: Black


  • Water Right Soaker Garden Hose 

Water Right keeps the environment in mind with this polyurethane hose option.
Water Right let’s you choose a polyurethane foam hose option that is great for the environment.


Water Right gets it right with this super sturdy soaker hose. Non-toxic and manufactured for long-lasting quality with bronze, lead-free brass fittings, and FDA-approved polyurethane. It’s lightweight, durable, and employed with drip irrigation technology that conserves water, runs reliably, and works well for every season and all climates. 


It can lay flat across a landscape or twist and turn throughout a garden without issues of water flow, leaking, kinking, or tangling. Instead of sprinkling water directly under the holes, this soaker hose sprays about 5 inches on each side for added moisture and more ground coverage. Fasten to the ground with standard landscaping stakes to maintain position and pinpoint hydration location.


Although it’s not the least expensive soaker hose on the market, Water Right is a brand to be trusted and worth a premium for its hassle-free, long-term functionality. It’s easy to use and encourages gardeners to enjoy the process, water with purpose, and optimize their green thumb.




Available in multiple sizes with the versatility to efficiently water diverse plots of land.


Functional, flexible material allows water to slowly soak along the surface, in raised beds, or on sloped, uneven ground.


Predictable spray level that serves its purpose without exceeding water supply to the plants which can cause disease.


Water-wise technology distributes evenly without splashing and soaking sporadically across the garden.


Made with environmentally conscious materials and in regulated manufacturing facilities.




Will hydrate small, defined areas in and around the hose’s pores. Larger hose is needed for larger watering demands.


Connection side of the hose tends to dispense more water than the opposite end.


Heavy, environmentally conscious material can be arduous to maneuver around the yard.


Premium price point.




Available in three sizes: 25, 50, or 100 ft long

100 ft size:

Weight: 7.55 lbs

Standard ⅝” hose fitting

½ inch diameter

Matte finish

Color: Light tan or Olive


  • Gilmour Flat Soaker Hose

Gilmour has it all with this flat hose to maintain your garden.
Gilmour gives you a flat hose that’s got everything you need to maintain a well watered garden.


Groom new seedlings and help plants prosper with this serviceable soaker hose. Tooled with recycled vinyl, protective fabric, PVC liner, and form-fitting design, the hose helps blossom bountiful gardens and lush landscapes season after season. Gilmour offers a 7-year warranty to back it up.


A practical hose that slowly weeps water into the ground feeding the soil and nurturing the roots. It lays flat above the ground for consistent hydration of plants, veggies, flowers, and shrubs. Or bury it under soil or mulch so water taps deep to the roots and spawns the growth of herbs, veggies, seeds, and plant transplants.   




Pinpoints specific watering areas without wasting water or drenching parts of the garden that don’t require as much water.


Available for purchase as an individual hose or added value when buying 2-Packs and 4-Packs. 


Affordable hose for any home and garden – water-saving system saves at the Point-of-Sale and on monthly utilities.


7-Year Warranty.




Drip rate can vary at different sections of the hose.


Lower cost = lower grade material (susceptible to splitting at a seam, leaking at the connector).


Longer size hose can lead to longer efforts attaining a consistent drip, untangling, and spreading around the yard. Attaching several shorter hoses can serve the same purpose with fewer issues.




Available in 25’, 50’ (1-pack, 2-pack, 4-pack), 75 ft

50 ft (4-Pack):

Weight: 5.78 lbs

Dimensions: 15.04 x 12.32 x 7.24 inches 

Choosing what's right for your garden has never been easier than with these brands.
There is a variety of soaker hoses your garden can benefit from. These brands make choosing what’s right for you that much easier.


In summary, meticulous gardeners and humble homeowners need a soaker hose they can rely on to productively hydrate plants and gardens at a slow, measured pace. It’s certainly a bonus to conserve water flow and responsibly impact the abundant water shortage across more and more communities. 


Soaker hoses should be lightweight, well-made, and flexible for smooth, transportable watering activity that spans an entire garden, flower bed, or landscape. The ultimate objective is to keep plants alive and thriving all season long. Droughts, global warming, and water shortages are inevitable; however, soaker hoses play an important role in hydrating the land with a level of certainty and control. These hoses play a practical part of any garden’s arsenal – the ideal hose hydration system to foster the growth of herbs, fruits, veggies, annuals, and perennials. Soaker hoses supply just the right amount of moisture to cultivate the land above or penetrate the soil and roots below. 


An essential lawn and garden tool for every homeowner, a soaker garden hose can be used every day, every season. It’s a straightforward product that essentially performs miracles. Invigorating plant life while conserving precious H2O. Worth the investment and reaps the reward, a high-quality hose sprinkled with a low quantity of water.


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